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Love on Maiden Lane  

If there is such a thing as a guardian angel Claire Ferguson’s had to be exhausted.  When she moved into her new condo it was a fresh start.  Everything was fine until she pulled her  rattling, smoking car into her driveway. That’s when the yelling started.  Where the hell was the Welcome Wagon?

Lane Hartwell didn’t view himself as a grouch.  So occasionally he yelled.  Who didn’t?  His beautiful new neighbor was noisy and rude.  He couldn’t work in chaos, and she was like a whirlwind.

  Love blossoms despite their differences, but it doesn't  go smoothly.  Claire's life is in danger unless Lane can figure out who her kidnapper  is.   Will he solve the mystery in time? 

The Celebration Trilogy Box Set is the complete
series in one convenient edition. 

Celebration of Life, Book 1

Celebration of Love, Book 2

Celebration of Passion, Book 3

Follow the lives of Trish, Melissa, and Jackson
as they search for
themselves, and, in their quest,
stumble upon their true loves.   

Will they take a chance on love or play it safe?

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How do you carry on with your life when you

have no memory of the past?  Bam!  One day you

wake-up in the hospital, beaten and bruised,with

no idea how you got there.  Marla had to pull it all

together three years ago and now no one can stop her,

not even thugs or a hunky police officer.  Well, at least

not the thugs...

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RayAnn Trenton is loosing her mind. 

She's sure of it.  Normal people don't experience

books flying through the air, doors slamming shut,

and all their household knives sticking into the

wood flooring.  If not for the help of her best

friend she would have herself committed.

On a chance meeting RayAnn runs into her

salvation, Ryker Whitcomb.  As a paranormal

investigator, he agrees to help her discover

the truth.

Love was the one thing neither RayAnn

or Ryker had seen coming.


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All's fair in love and war.  That's the saying, anyway,

but somehow Natalie Holbrook finds herself

committed to a one year nightmare job.  The only thing

that could be worse would be getting distracted before

she could fufil her obligations.  Her honor and self-respect

couldn't live with the failure.  But fate has other ideas.

Dr. Marc Templeton needs help setting up his new

practice.The hospital assigns Natalie to this luscious

new doctor and the sparks fly immediately. 

It's the final blow.  Natalie is down for the count. 

Her gut feels like she's been hit below the belt. 

Will she make it back up before the final bell rings?

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Don't let the words protective custody

lull you into a false sense of security. 

That's the advice of Callie O'Donnell. 

Colt Harrigan, her nemisis and rival

blogger, are under FBI protective


Now the question is who will survive,

or is it true that love and hate does

indeed have a fine line between them. 

Can hate turn to love?  Should you

trust your feelings when you're in

such a stressful situation?

Decisions, decisions...


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Becki Holbrook had her heart shattered

by Max James five years ago. After he

left town without a word, he comes back to

Somerset Falls ready to pick-up with

Becki  as if they'd never been apart.

He is wrong.  

She's not the same shy little Becki.

Will love find it's way back into Becki's heart?